Adonis UI Expo

Showcase of applications using Adonis UI.


Niclas Kristek | 23.01.2020

Stein makes it easier to install, uninstall or reinstall multiple MSI-installers at once. It was built for environments with regular application builds.

Stein with light color scheme Stein with dark color scheme

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Erik Kuhlig | 20.01.2020

CodeIDX indexes source code using Lucene. It exposes a UI for searching the text of indexed files.

CodeIDX with light color scheme

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LaughingLeader's Divinity Mod Manager

LaughingLeader | 28.01.2020

A work-in-progress mod manager for Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition.

Divinity Mod Manager with light color scheme Divinity Mod Manager with dark color scheme

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Image Sort

Lolle2000la | 22.03.2020

Sorts your image at high speed

Image Sort

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Ivan Rusanov | 29.11.2020

A free, simple and lightweight app for monitoring memory timings on Ryzen platform.

ZenTimings with light color scheme ZenTimings with dark color scheme

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Peter Vietense | 28.12.2020

A utility to quickly update a directories contents while automatically backing up all the new files and making them available as past updates/backups.

Dawn with dark color scheme

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Micah686 | 02.03.2021

A program to keep track of your visual novels, with support for pulling in metadata

VnManager with dark color scheme

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