Space between controls is typically controlled with margins, paddings and grid rows and columns. To make sure the space is consistent in every spot, a fixed size can be chosen that is used everywhere (or a multiple of it). Adonis UI provides a system supporting you in doing so. By default, the base value for space is 8, but this can be adjusted for horizontal and vertical space separately.


Space can be applied like so:

<!-- xmlns:adonisUi="clr-namespace:AdonisUI;assembly=AdonisUI" -->

<RowDefinition Height="{adonisUi:Space 1}"/> <!-- equals Height="8" -->
<RowDefinition Height="{adonisUi:Space 2.5}"/> <!-- equals Height="20" -->
<RowDefinition Height="{adonisUi:Space 2.5+1}"/> <!-- equals Height="21" -->
<RowDefinition Height="{adonisUi:Space 2.5-1}"/> <!-- equals Height="19" -->

The same works also for thicknesses like margin and padding:

<Button Margin="{adonisUi:Space 1}"/> <!-- equals Margin="8,8,8,8" -->
<Button Margin="{adonisUi:Space 1, 2}"/> <!-- equals Margin="8,16,8,16" -->
<Button Margin="{adonisUi:Space 1, 1+2, 2, 3}"/> <!-- equals Margin="8,10,16,24" -->

In case there is a + or - in the expression, the second value is an absolute offset while the first value is always the factor which is multiplied with the base value of 8.

Sometimes it is not clear to the system whether the horizontal or vertical space should be applied. This happens when properties are not of type Thickness and do not contain certain keywords like ‘height’, ‘width’, ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ in their names. In that case, the orientation can be applied manually.

<TextBlock SomeProperty="{adonisUi:Space 1, Orientation=Vertical}"/>


The following resources can be placed in the application resources right after including Adonis UI in order to override the default base space values.

<system:Double x:Key="{x:Static adonisUi:Dimensions.HorizontalSpace}">8</system:Double>
<system:Double x:Key="{x:Static adonisUi:Dimensions.VerticalSpace}">8</system:Double>

Remarks when Adonis UI is not included in the application resources

The following is only relevant if Adonis UI’s resources have not been included in the application’s resources but instead in the window’s resources or the resources of some other control.

The space system does a resource lookup to find the globally configured space values. To be able to find the values in that case, a reference to the resource owner must be passed to the system manually. Otherwise, its usage and even the usage of controls depending on it throws exceptions. To avoid that, the following should be included before the visual tree is build:


If the main window owns the resources for example, it can be inserted in its constructor before calling InitializeComponent().

public partial class MainWindow : Window
    public MainWindow()