Styles and Templates

Adonis UI offers the following resource kinds:

  • Brushes - accessible via AdonisUI.Brushes
  • Colors - accessible via AdonisUI.Colors
  • Dimensions - accessible via AdonisUI.Dimensions
  • Icons - accessible via AdonisUI.Icons
  • Styles - accessible via AdonisUI.Styles
  • Templates - accessible via AdonisUI.Templates

For brushes and colors see here. For dimensions see here. In this article, styles, templates and icons are addressed.


All resources of Adonis UI including styles, templates and icons can be referenced using ComponentResourceKeys.


<!-- xmlns:adonisUi="clr-namespace:AdonisUI;assembly=AdonisUI" -->
<Button Style="{DynamicResource {x:Static adonisUi:Styles.AccentButtonStyle}}"/>

Templates and icons are usually of type DataTemplate. The easiest way to use them is via a ContentControl:

<!-- xmlns:adonisUi="clr-namespace:AdonisUI;assembly=AdonisUI" -->
<ContentControl Content="{Binding}"
                ContentTemplate="{DynamicResource {x:Static adonisUi:Templates.LoadingCircle}}"

Available styles

  • Styles.AccentButton - For buttons that should gain attention (accent color as background)
  • Styles.AccentToolbarButton - For buttons being placed in a toolbar that should gain attention when hovering
  • Styles.DefaultToAccentToggleButton - For toggle buttons switching to accent color when checked
  • Styles.RippleListBoxItem - For list box items that release a ripple effect when clicked
  • Styles.ToolbarButton - For buttons being placed in a toolbar (transparent background until hovering)
  • Styles.ToolbarToggleButton - For toggle buttons being placed in a toolbar (transparent background until hovering)
  • Styles.AccentComboBox - For combo boxes that should gain attention (accent color as background)
  • Styles.AccentComboBoxItem - Matching combo box item style for AccentComboBox
  • Styles.ToggleSwitch - Alternative look for check boxes and toggle buttons
  • Styles.WindowButton - For buttons placed in the window’s title bar
  • Styles.WindowToggleButton - For toggle buttons placed in the window’s title bar

Available templates

  • Templates.DatePickerDropDownButton - Button in date pickers that opens the calender popup
  • Templates.Expander - Small expander triangle that is used in combo boxes, tree views, etc.
  • Templates.LoadingCircle - Loading throbber with dots running in circles
  • Templates.LoadingBars - Loading throbber with three bars growing and shrinking
  • Templates.LoadingDots - Loading throbber with appearing and disappearing dots
  • Templates.ValidationErrorTemplate - Generic validation error template

Available Icons

  • Icons.AdonisUI - Favicon of Adonis UI
  • Icons.AdonisUIGrayscale - Favicon of Adonis UI in grayscale colors
  • Icons.Error - Error icon used for displaying validation errors
  • Icons.WindowMinimize - Minimize icon used for AdonisWindow’s minimize button
  • Icons.WindowMaximize - Maximize icon used for AdonisWindow’s maximize button
  • Icons.WindowRestore - Restore icon used for AdonisWindow’s restore button
  • Icons.WindowClose - Close icon used for AdonisWindow’s close button